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June 13, 2015

6:00 p.m.

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Welcome to La Camelle School


The prestigious name of our school, La Camelle was derived from the name of our subdivision Camella. Camellia (called japonica) is a Japanese shrub. It is ornamental flowering specie known for its double-many petalled cultivated variety, whose overlapping petals, range in color from white to pink to red.

An idea came to realization when a group of five and energetic ladies formed the so-called Ladies’ Circle. It was composed of Mrs. Victoria T. Opulencia, Mrs. Virginia M. Matinig, Mrs. Natividad Castillo, Mrs. Lita Manalo and Mrs. Josefina A. Gaerlan.

Dr. Emelia del Callar, then a faculty member and a chairwoman of Guidance and Counseling of De La Salle University in Manila, was hired as the consultant. The putting up of a pre-school was pushed through in June, 1989.

It started with the enrollment of twenty three pupils with Mrs. Josefina A. Gaerlan as the Directress/Principal. Miss Rufina Opulencia was then assigned adviser/assistant. Classes were held in a small garage.

During the third month of operation, Mrs. Lita Manalo gave up her share and decided to put up her own business. A month later, Mr. Silverio D. Pacas was invited to join the partnership in La Camelle which he accepted.

For the school year 1990-91, the student population grew from 23 to 55. Three teachers were hired to handle the nursery, kinder and preparatory classes, which were held in the morning and in the afternoon. Misses Josefa Evangelista, Rosita M. Rosales and Rufina V. Opulencia willingly extended their services.

The need for more rooms and a bigger space arose, and luckily a lot owned by Mr. Silverio D. Pacas, the Chairman of the Board, served as an answer to the problem. In the year 1991-92, the pupils were housed in this place in Pisces St, Phase ii-C, where a five-room building was built. This included an office of the Director/Administrator, a library and a small clinic.

Through consultations with Dr. Del Callar, and the proper guidance of the DECS, La Camelle School began to bloom. Enrollment rose to 150. Six teachers were employed. They were Mrs. Corazon Dayrit, Mrs. Ester L. Chavez, Misses Relinda Debil, Juanita Gatdula and Josefa Evangelista. The members of the board also increased to seven with Mrs. Elsa Alentajan and Mrs. Mercy Germones as new members.

In 1992-93, the student population became bigger. It rose to more than 300 pupils. Three more classrooms were added and four more teachers were employed. These were Miss Linda U. Dagli, Mrs. Dulce S. Petilla, Mrs. Panita Ladera and Mrs. Marisel Guzmana. In July 1993, the PTA was organized with Mr. Juanito Dayrit as the President. In December 1993, Mrs. Josefina A. Gaerlan resigned and Miss Rufina Opulencia took over acted as Principal with Miss Josefina S. Pano as Academic consultant.

School year 1994-95, enrollment rose to 345. Mrs. Juana P. Gloriani was hired as the new Principal. Ten teachers were hired namely: Misses Josefina Opulencia, Chosette Quijano, Precy Villacrosis, Pacita Morandarte, Lorma Panganiban, Catalina Pelias, Edna Pilapil, Norilyn Mabituin, Mrs. Juanita Bacolod, Mrs. Marilyn Lengson and Mrs. Rosemarie T. Valencia.

In 1995-96, enrollment rose to 427. Two more rooms were added for the Grade V and Grade VI respectively. Five teachers were employed namely: Misses Cynthia Solis, Mary Jane Bisayas, MYlyn Rivera, Elvie Engcoy and Loida Gonzales.

A lot of opposite La Camelle School was made use of and the Pre-School building was built. The library, Inustrial Arts room, H.E and the Computer room have been fully equipped with needed educational materials and facilities. To ensure quality education, teachers were sending to seminars and training for them to learn new techniques in teaching.

With all these improvements, La Camelle School will proudly uphold the vision to produce academically prepare and a self-disciplined Filipino Christians.

Vision & Mission

La Camelle envisions to produce/form academically prepared and self-disciplined Filipino Christians.

Guided by the belief/philosophy of education and the child, the members of La Camelle commit themselves to the mission of participating in the development of every student to acquire basic preparation that will make him an enlightened, disciplined, nationalistic self-reliant, God loving, creative and productive citizen in a national community.

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